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SCHOOL YEAR 2006-2007

Ms. King's Class Likes The Fun And Cool MMC Activities!

MMC Is Fun And Games To Ms. Kimura's Class!

Ms. Howell's Class Says MMC Made This School Year The Best!

Mr. Heinbaugh's Students Can't Wait For The MMC Visits!

Ms. Bergeron's Students Says The MMC Games Are Fun!

MMC Is Fun And Cool To Ms. Fried's Class!

Alondra thinks the photos on the MMC Web site are awesome!

Austin figured out the Secret Code on the MMC T-shirt!

Yoiceline canít wait to see MMC again!

SCHOOL YEAR 2005-2006

MMC Brings Fun And Entertainment To Ms. Kimura's Class!

Mr. Heinbaugh's Students Love Everything About MMC!

Ms. Thomas' Students Share Some MMC Moments!

Ms. Bergeron's Students Share Their Favorite MMC Memories!

Reminiscing With Ms. King's Students!

Ms. Howell's Class Thinks MMC Is The Best Magic Show!

Ara enjoys the MMC visits!

Ralynda Thinks MMCís Visits Are More Fun Than Playing!

Ninfa Really Likes Being A Mikeís Math Club Member!

Joanna Says Itís Fun To Learn Math With MMC!

Mayra Says She Will Always Love Math Thanks To MMC!

Jessica Loves Her MMC Folder!

Mariah Is Happy To Know She's An Official MMC Member!

SCHOOL YEAR 2004-2005

Ms. Ogle and Ms. West's Students Get A Kick Out Of The Newsletters!

Ms. Kimura's Students Love The MMC Math Activities!

Ms. Smiley's Students Say Thanks For Making Us Laugh!

Ms. Howell's Students Share Their Favorite MMC Activities!

Mr. Heinbaugh's Students Think MMC Is Fun And Exciting!

Ms. Bergeron's Student's Love Receiving Their MMC Letters!

Ms. Thomas' Students Think The MMC Visits Are"Gr-r-eat!"

Ms. King's Students Love To Learn Math With MMC!

Marquis wants to learn some Spanish and he also talks about his dad.

Rachel talks about the Quiz Bowl!

Stephanie can't wait for the next MMC visit!

Kelann shares her experience with Hurricane Ivan!

Bridgette is looking forward to the next MMC visit.

Rayline had a "math blast" when MMC came.

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