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The Monstrously Fun Fraction Book

The Monstrously Fun Fraction Book

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Photos and Reviews

Photos from various workshops where the Mike's Math Club Team presented activities from MMC's The Monstrously Fun Fraction Book.

2005 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

2005 Los Angeles City Teachers' Mathematics Association

2004 Los Angeles City Teachers' Mathematics Association

2003 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Awards


Beverly Brown (homeschooler/former teacher):
Congratulations to Mike's Math Club on true genius and dedication. This book is such a great addition to our home schooling program. It has helped to open up the thinking process for all of us. I enjoyed the activities just as much as the children did! Very convenient for the teacher, the attention to detail is phenomenal. I would recommend this book to anyone whose child is learning fractions.

Teaching Children Mathematics (NCTM):
"The students I worked with especially enjoyed the riddles, secret codes, and puzzles."
"This resource would be a valuable supplement to a mathematics resource library."

Carlos T. Calderón (assistant principal): In my nineteen years as an educator, I've always found it difficult to get my students excited about math, especially about fractions. That is, until I enlisted the assistance of The Monstrously Fun Fraction Book. Students were excited to have their own Fraction Lab Book to record notes and results of their monster dissections. This resource, with its standards-based activities, made fractions not only fun to learn but fun to teach!

Susan D'Angelo, 2002 Milken Educator: Fractions are difficult for many children to grasp. Learning in a creative, game-like way is just awesome! The activities and the ideas in the book are GREAT!

Carol Goldman (teacher): The students in my 5th grade accelerated math class not only enjoyed working in the new fraction book, but also mastered skills more quickly and with less stress than I can ever remember.

Robert Heinbaugh (nationally certified teacher): This new fraction book is fun and effective. My students not only loved the lessons, they learned.

David (student): You made me laugh, and you got me to learn! Math is so much fun!

Kathleen Lange, 1998 Milken Educator: My fraction unit was a difficult concept for two of my math groups. I needed a FRESH approach. I ordered the book and received it VERY quickly! The Monster Lab activity proved to be WONDERFUL. Though this year is ending, I know this resource will be a valuable addition to my library!

The Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review: A superb supplement to traditional school curriculums and home schooling/home study math curricula... Mike's Math Club Presents The Monstrously Fun Fraction Book is a very highly recommended and 'user friendly' tool for educators and concerned parents.

Brianna (student): It's so much fun to hear boring math problems come to life!

Stephanie (student): I didn't really like fractions until [you] taught me some easy tricks. My favorite part was using the factor wheel and putting together the monster puzzle.

Raahil (student): This was one of the best classes we've had all year!